About me

I am a researcher in agricultural sciences by profession. I love science. I find it fascinating and challenging.

Besides reading about science, I am fond of reading materials on mixture of philosophy, human behaviour, psychology, history, culture and tradition.
JpegAbout Relative Sense: Life is a journey. During the journey it constantly teaches something. I find myself inclined to search for those teachings of life. On this blog, I will try to document some processing of life, moving in and around about philosophy and human behaviour, in the form stories and commentaries. Life has different meanings for different person. Our brain structure and its functioning are very complex. How brain regulates human behaviour. How does it do that, has not been well understood by scientists. The lack of understanding of brains’ functioning limits to comprehend how an idea could be perceived and processed by brain at individual level. This whole setting makes everything very abstract. And when life and its philosophies are mixed together, which is inevitable, then things become even more abstract. Due to this abstractness, an idea can be perceived and processed in many ways which generate several variations of human behaviour in certain situations.

Understanding the enigmatic philosophies of life is not easy. But perceiving life as such can be simple. Life always gives choice to see positive and less positive side of it. Those who are inclined to and learn to get inclined to the positive side are the happiest people on earth. For them, there are amazing rainbows, green grasses, orange-yellow-violet- parrot green trees with dancing leaves in the air, blue sky, bright sun, blue green ocean, white sand beaches, amazing gigantic mountains with happy and cheerful people in the midst of these.